Sorry for the chaos

Rob Lanphier robla at
Sat Apr 13 05:52:12 PDT 1996

As many of you have probably noticed, this list has gotten considerably
harder to use in the past 2 weeks.  The reason is that we switched to a
new maillist system called "listproc" that was supposed to fix all of the
flakeyness of the former "majordomo".  Well, it comes with flakeyness of
its own, compounded by the fact that the Eskimo list maintainer, Joel, has
come down with a bout of pnuemonia and is the only person at Eskimo who
knows how to deal with lists.

I'm also sick and short on time right now, which is why I've been
delinquent in informing you of the problems.  Please bear with us as we
get this fixed.

Rob Lanphier
robla at

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