Meaning of "all-votes"

Sat Apr 28 20:40:10 PDT 2001

> I don't know what "all-votes" methods are. Could you define this term for
> me?

Sure.  Sorry about that.  It's what's called absolute votes in Norm Petry's post. 
Basically the given method (beatpath, Tideman, Dodgson, etc.) is applied to 
pairwise vote matrix without calculating margins or dropping votes on the
losing sides to zero.  Example with 11 voters and three candidates:

votes: 2:B>C>A      pairwise matrix:   A B C
       3:A>B=C                       A   3 6
       3:A=B>C                       B 2   5
       3:C>A=B                       C 5 3

Dodgson(m) and Dodgson(wv) pick A, the Condorcet winner, but Dodgson(av) picks
B, as do beatpath(av) and minmax(av).
D- If the equal rankings are deemed half votes (so that there are 11 votes in 
each pairing), then there is ----

     A     B     C

A   X     6      6
B   5     X      6.5
C   5    4.5     X

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