Five Slots and Cranor

Thu Apr 26 19:15:49 PDT 2001

Mr. Simmons wrote in part-

Give the win to the candidate with the highest median score, i.e. the 
candidate whose list of scores has the highest median.

D- There is more than a minor problem involving public education regarding 
*ANY* *complex* reform method. 

In other words -- there is a fairly large percentage of dumber than doorknob 

E.G. - the Florida 2000 President election -- circa 2-3 percent of the voters 
cast illegal ballots regardless of the instructions on how to vote and 
regardless of the system being used ---- paper ballots, punchcard ballots, 
scan ballots, etc. (which is the subject of all sorts of private and public 
studies and reports floating around in the U.S.A.).

With median voting it would be necessary to vote in a maximum to minimum 
range such as 100 to 0.

I assume that equal number votes might have to be prohibited --- i.e. C 100, 
B 99,
F 0,  A 1, etc. (to prevent having ALL 100 or 0 votes).

One can almost hear the moaning and whining about such dumb voters of the Fl 
variety being even more confused (with more moaning and whining about 
discrimination, etc.).

I highly question whether anything more than simple YES/ NO (currently used 
on ballot questions) and simple rank number voting (1, 2, etc.) can be passed 
for candidate elections pending some major political I.Q. increase in the 
general population -- noting that median voting would have elements of both 
YES/ NO and rank number voting.

Median voting should be applied to two of my standard examples--

26 A
25 B
49 Z

34 ABC
33 BCA
32 CAB

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