[EM] Five Slots and Cranor

Martin Harper mcnh2 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Apr 26 01:17:35 PDT 2001

Forest Simmons wrote:

> In any case, if Cranor's method were used in public elections, there
> should be a little check box on the ballot that asks if you want your
> ballot Cranor optimized or not.  If you check yes, then your ballot is
> supplemented with the Cranor optimized ballot. The original is used for
> expression, while the optimized is used for instrumentality. Otherwise
> (with the option declined), the original serves both purposes. 

The danger is that the 'expression' votes will occasionally elect a 
different winner to the 'instrumental' votes. In which case whoever was 
the 'expression' winner will probably raise merry hell...

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