[EM] SSD, RP wrap-up

Markus Schulze schulze at sol.physik.tu-berlin.de
Mon Apr 23 15:34:43 PDT 2001

Dear Blake,

you wrote (23 Apr 2001):
> The question was asked of Mike, but I'll respond anyway.  He must
> be refering to an example like this:
> A>B 40
> B>C 39
> C>A 38
> A ties with D
> D>B 5
> D>C 4

In this example, D is the unique Schwartz winner. Ranked Pairs is
indecisive between A and D.

Is it also possible to create an example where Ranked Pairs chooses
decisively a candidate outside the Schwartz set (so that it is clear
that whether Ranked Pairs chooses outside the Schwartz set doesn't
depend on the used tiebreaker)?

Markus Schulze

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