[EM] Nominataing RP(wv)

Markus Schulze schulze at sol.physik.tu-berlin.de
Fri Apr 20 01:49:22 PDT 2001

Dear Mike,

you wrote (19 Apr 2001):
> RP can choose outside the initial Schwartz set. SSD & Cloneproof SSD
> will never do that. Choosing outside the initial Schwartz set isn't
> serious. I'm not aware of it causing a strategy problem, but that
> doesn't mean I'm saying it doesn't. But it's an embarrassment, and,
> as I said before, an aesthetic gaffe. And an avoidable one, since
> we've got excellent methods that don't have that failing.

Could you please post an example where Tideman's Ranked Pairs method
violates the Schwartz criterion?

Markus Schulze

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