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Yep, I'd like to print a retraction.  I miss-remembered what Mike had said.
He didn't actually claim that defeat-support does better than margins.

I'm also willing to change the phrase "much better" to "measurably and
consistently better".

So, there you go.  Even the ill informed make mistakes.

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Craig said:

(particularly noting that margins does
much better than defeat support, despite Mike's prior claims to the

I reply:

Wrong on 2 counts. Margins doesn't do "much better" than defeat-support.
It does insignificantly, microscopically better.

And I don't claim that margins doesn't do better than defeat-support
when there's zero-info and no truncation.

I did point out that BeatpathWinner does better than Ranked Pairs
in Rob's simulation of SU.

But yes I do claim that wv is better than margins, in spite of
the miniscule difference in SU when there's zero-info & no truncation.
Margins' strategy problems are so much worse that they'd outweigh
margins' tiny SU advantage even if it existed all the time.

Mike Ossipoff

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