Blake takes the low road...

Mon Apr 16 11:52:50 PDT 2001

Mr. Ossipoff wrote in part-

Can we just agree that Condorcet wasn't as specific as we'd have liked
, and leave it at that? I'm more interested in what methods meet
criteria that measure for standards that I consider important, and
I suggest that you address that subject, and drop the issue of what
Condorcet meant.
D- Trying to decipher Condorcet's comments is like trying to decipher *ALL* 
of the comments in the Bible or Koran--- a very difficult task.

Who is trying to win debating points with gotchas ??? (Since I brought up the 
1997 discussion regarding some confusion about what Condorcet wrote as noted 
recently by Mr. Schulze).

With 3 or more choices there may be divided majorities with *SOME* sort of 
strategy *WHATEVER* method is being used.  

Which method(s) are understandable by John/ Mary Q. Voter in the real 
political world (and will not cause their brains to become too scrambled 
dealing with strategy and sincere/ insincere votes) ???

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