IRV mailing party adventures

Wed Apr 4 18:54:50 PDT 2001

DEMOREP1 at wrote:

> That is, IRV will wipe out a compromise choice somewhat often (how often 

Mr. Harper wrote-

3 candidates, 100 voters, IRV, ~20,000 tests
Random electorate: in around 2-3% of elections.
Two-dimensional electorate with a gaussian distribution: less than 1%

That is, in that percentage of the elections, there will be a Condorcet 
and IRV will elect a different candidate.
D- A slight problem.  The electorates will NEVER be *random* in the *real* 
political world in *real* public elections.

In rough and tough political -economic times (such as 1858-1860 or 1930-1932 
in the U.S.A.), the electorate *may* become very polarized.  

IRV will very likely produce a whole bunch of extremists taking office and 
claiming majority *mandates* for their extremist agendas.

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