Condorcet cyclic drop rule

Wed Apr 4 16:09:04 PDT 2001

p 238 (of the translation) from "On Elections" 1793
> A table of majority judgements between the candidates taken 
> two by two would then be formed and the result -- the order 
> of merit in which they are placed by the majority -- 
> extracted from it.  If these judgements could not all exist 
> together, then those with the smallest majority would be 
> rejected.
D- Another interpretation --

The highest majority is fixed.

Any lower majority is fixed only if it does not conflict with a higher 

Some pairings would thus be ignored (as if they did not exist).

Standard example ---

34 ABC
33 BCA
32 CAB

67 BC 32  Fixed
66 AB 33  Fixed ???
65 CA 34  Ignored ???

A>B>C      ???

As usual, I note that mere rankings do NOT show *absolute* support.

Which of the 3 could get a YES majority when compared to No Choice (NC) (and 
its cousins, NOTA (none of the above) and NOTB (none of the below)) ???

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