[EM] Unranked IRV versus Approval - divergent winners exist!

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 2 01:57:23 PDT 2001

>If a majority supports a single candidate, any method may do. The question
>is how do you convince people to compromise to find a majority among 3 or
>more strong choices.

Oh is that the question? I thought the question was about what
majority rule means with more than 2 candidates. I answered that
question. How you get people to vote some particular way has nothing
to do with what majority rule means.

> > It isn't clear why you think that Approval is about N elections.
>Approval asks voters N independent questions. Will you vote for A? Will you
>vote for B? ...

So every mark-space on your ballot is a separate election? I still don't
agree. Approval is one election, a point system in which people can
give or not give a point to any particular candidate.

And, like Condorcet, Approval and Plurality, like all voting systems
are methods that let voters cast pairwise votes, voting some A over
some B. Condorcet lets you express all your pairwise preferences, and
counts them. Approval's balloting doesn't make it possible to vote
all of your pairwise preferences, but it reliably & fully counts all
of those that you vote, the ones that you consider important enough to
be the ones to vote. IRV lets you express all of your preferences, and
then may or may not count them. That's why I sometimes compare IRVies
to someone having fun by turning the steering wheel back & forth in
a car that's up on blocks.

Don replied to that: So that's Mike's idea of fun? Actually no, Don.
I ask more than that from a voting system.

Mike Ossipoff

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