[EM] Unranked IRV versus Approval - divergent winners exist!

Tom Ruen tomruen at itascacg.com
Mon Apr 2 00:39:23 PDT 2001

I must be doing something right if I'm getting criticized from both sides!

I still don't think the IRV-supporters are the enemy.

Plurality w/o runoff is enemy #1.

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> Ok, there's no getting through to Tom or Don on this issue.
> What this shows is that, with so many ways to count ranked ballots,
> lots of people will be confused about it, and there's a good chance
> that we'll end up with a rank-count, IRV in particular, that's nowhere
> near as good as Approval.
> That's why, if IRVies will be involved in a particular choice of
> voting systems for some jurisdiction, Approval is most likely a better
> proposal than Condorcet or any rank method, because the IRVies will
> get their meritless rank-count rule enacted if we don't offer alternatives
> to rank-balloting.
> Approval or CR, that is. Let's do polling, asking people which of those
> they'd be more inclined to vote "yes" on, in an enactment initiative.
> And, where IRVies are involved, let's not try to enact a good rank
> method.
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