[EM] Unranked IRV versus Approval - divergent winners exist!

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 2 01:17:42 PDT 2001

Ok, there's no getting through to Tom or Don on this issue.

What this shows is that, with so many ways to count ranked ballots,
lots of people will be confused about it, and there's a good chance
that we'll end up with a rank-count, IRV in particular, that's nowhere
near as good as Approval.

That's why, if IRVies will be involved in a particular choice of
voting systems for some jurisdiction, Approval is most likely a better
proposal than Condorcet or any rank method, because the IRVies will
get their meritless rank-count rule enacted if we don't offer alternatives 
to rank-balloting.

Approval or CR, that is. Let's do polling, asking people which of those
they'd be more inclined to vote "yes" on, in an enactment initiative.

And, where IRVies are involved, let's not try to enact a good rank

Mike Ossipoff

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