[EM] Plurality example: 1/2, not 5/6

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 26 16:39:21 PDT 2001

In my Plurality WDSC failure example, the 5/6 should be replaced with
1/2. Half of the 60% who prefer A to B have C as their favorite.

Then, with 1/2 of the 60% who prefer A to B having C as their favorite,
if any of those 1/2 vote for A, then they're reversing a preference.
If they don't reverse a preference, A can only get votes of 30% of
the voters, and can't equal A's vote total. This time, C only gets
30% too, and A wins.

WDSC's premise that a majority prefer A to B is met, and that
majority doesn't have a way to ensure that A won't win without
reversing a preference, and so WDSC's requirement is not met, and
so Plurality fails WDSC, though it passes both of Markus's criteria
, the ones that are what WDSC looks like to him.

Mike Ossipoff
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