[EM] SSD, RP wrap-up

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 19 22:23:14 PDT 2001

RP is nearly as good as Cloneproof SSD. In public elections it
is nearly as good as ordinary SSD.

Here are some differences:

RP can choose outside the initial Schwartz set. SSD & Cloneproof SSD
will never do that. Choosing outside the initial Schwartz set isn't
serious. I'm not aware of it causing a strategy problem, but that
doesn't mean I'm saying it doesn't. But it's an embarrassment, and,
as I said before, an aesthetic gaffe. And an avoidable one, since
we've got excellent methods that don't have that failing.

Likewise RP's slightly lower SU isn't a serious problem, but
since it's a completely avoidable problem, then why have it?

What are RP's advantages? It meets Steve's output ranking
consistency criteria. If that's the most important thing to someone
then they'd prefer RP to SSD or Cloneproof SSD.

SSD fails ICC, but not in public elections. I only propose SSD
for public elections.  Cloneproof SSD of course meets ICC under all

The merit difference between RP & Cloneproof SSD is slight, as
is the merit difference between RP & ordinary SSD in public
elections. But why settle for any less than Cloneproof SSD and
(for public elections) ordinary SSD?

Mike Ossipoff

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