Getting rid of the primary

Mon Apr 16 02:05:01 PDT 2001

Anthony wrote:

>>Anthony wrote:

>>In other words, two
>>round runoff.  No more primary.

>>Not that big a change.

>>I reply:

>>Getting rid of the primary and switching from Plurality to
>>Runoff are big changes. [...]

You left out some things.  The plan that was suggested does
not get rid of an ordinary primary, but an open primary, in
which anyone can vote for any candidate.

I just meant getting rid of party primaries. Even an open primary
can be called a party primary if, as has been the case here, it
results in each party's highest votegetter getting on the ballot.
What you described sounded like something that is in no way a party
primary, which was why I liked it.

Sure, the 1st balloting in Runoff is often called a "primary", and,
in that sense, what you describe doesn't get rid of the primary.

I just meant that I like that it gets rid of party primaries. And
substituting Runoff for Plurality with party primaries amounts to two
separate big improvements. That was all I meant.

Of course there are other improvements that would be better still.

Mike Ossipoff

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