[EM] Another one-man-one-vote proof

Anthony Simmons asimmons at krl.org
Sun Apr 8 08:44:11 PDT 2001

>> From: Martin Harper <mcnh2 at cam.ac.uk>
>> Subject: [EM] Approval for Tom

>> Approval for Tom, and others who reckon one-man-
>> one-vote is solely referring to how an invisible
>> genie moves your vote around, and is absolutely
>> sacred - I call it "Instant Approval Poll and
>> Plurality Voting".

>> [...]

>> Bingo - Approval voting counted in such a way that
>> one-man-one-vote remains sacrosanct, even under
>> the weirdest interpretations of the mantra. Happy?
>> ;-)

This is priceless.  It's something like the tenth
proof that whether a voting system satisfies "one
man, one vote" is arbitrary.

And it will make no difference.  Look at the kind of
argument that convinces voters in real elections.

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