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MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 5 19:56:48 PDT 2001

As I was saying, if you've designated a certain method, then you
give an automatic Approval vote to that method's winner, and also to
anything that is at least as preferred on your ballot.

If you don't designate a method, then, by the "Manual" default,
you give an Approval vote to everything that is marked on the
Approval portion of your ballot.

Since all 4 of the designated methods chose Voting Systems, then we
can give a vote to Voting Systems for each voter who designated a
method. That's 6 votes for voting systems.

Next we can count the ballot that didn't designate a method, by
giving a vote to each alternative that is marked on that ballot's
Approval section.

Then we go through the other ballots, the ones that designated a method,
and, for each of those ballots, we give a vote to everything, other
than Voting Systems, that it prefers at least as well as Voting Systems.

When you do that, you'll find that Voting Systems wins, with 6 votes.

Next comes Multiwinner Methods, with 3 votes.

2000 Candidates, Pizza, Ice Cream, & Movies get 2 votes each.

Months, TV, Minimum Voting Age, & Historical Figures each get 1 vote.

Though I personally feel that Cloneproof SSD is best, only 2 people,
including me, designated it. One person designated a different
pairwise-count method, and  the others, 4/7 of the voters, designated
Approval or CR. That means that polls shouldn't be conducted using just
one method, and that it's necessary to give people the choice to
have their final votes placed by the method of their own choice--Voter's

There's one more change I'd like to add to the next poll, the
poll on voting systems: Let's say that, in addtion to designating
any method, a person can suggest counting any other method(s) that they
want to suggest. In that way we can count methods even if they
weren't considered by anyone to be the ones that would most accurately
place their final Approval vote on their best winnable compromise.
Every suggested method will be counted. If the count is difficult, then
that count might have to be done by the person who suggested it, unless
of course it's a popular method that someone is set up to count.

But balloting doesn't start, for the voting systems poll, until
the midnight that ends April 19th in California.

When I nominated Voting Systems, I said suppose we were voting on
what method to propose for an actual public single-winner reform
proposal. That's what the voting systems poll is about--which voting
system is the best public proposal.

But does anyone agree that it would be interesting to add the option
of voting on the absolute merit of the methods too? That wasn't part
of my nomination, and so I won't add it to the ballot unless someone
else wants to include it. The disadvantage is that it would lengthen
the ballot and possibly thereby discourage voting, unless it were
emphasized that it's just an added option.

Mike Ossipoff

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