Majority? Expressivity? Strategy?

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Sun Apr 1 18:46:26 PDT 2001

I'm not up really on where this is coming from, but that would be a pretty
challenging pre-election poll by any assumed election method.

No election method can guarantee a majority winner if voters refuse to offer
compromises, whether we're talking rated (approval), ranked (irv/condorcet),
or weighted (cumulative, Borda) election methods. IRV counts majority with
exhausted ballots excluded which isn't quite fair.

A centrist candidate certainly has an advantage in such a 3-way election, no
matter what method. He would claim left/right choices are extreme and he is
the safe vote. No one but a centrist has much hope of getting a majority in
such an election.

Personally, if this is approval voting, and I liked two overall, I'd support
both, knowing the centrist will likely win. If I really only liked one, I
might just bullet vote for that one.


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> Mr. Moore wrote--
> On "majority rule": I don't rate it as high on my list of criteria as,
> monotonicity.
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> D- Another example-
> A pre-election poll indicates-
> A 34
> B 33
> C 32
>    99
> Does anybody vote for second choices if a majority requirement is NOT
> required in the election (as for President, Governor or Mayor) ???

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