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> On 01/20/2023 10:31 PM EST Bob Richard (lists) <lists001 at robertjrichard.com> wrote:
> If Robert (or anyone else) can demonstrate that this is not Condorcet, 
> they should let Foley know pronto. He is a Condorcet enthusiast.

I am that.  But I, also, am not trained in social choice theory or psephology.  I am trained in the mathematics surrounding digital signal processing and my experience is DSP of audio and music signals (stuff like guitar effects and music synthesis).

I have trouble reading some of the math in other papers coming from the likes of Maskin or Tideman or Schulze.  Sometimes it's just the way it's setup, but I am not as good at discrete mathematics as I am into the kinda math that engineers and meatball physicists use (that comes outa calculus and diff eq and linear system theory)

> The method appears to be to eliminate the current Borda loser in each 
> round, until one remaining candidate has a majority. Or something very 
> close to that. Foley is a lawyer, not a social choice theorist, and his 
> explanations are a little hard to follow.

He got Maskin on his side.  I almost got Maskin and Tideman to appear (via Zoom) before the Vermont Senate Government Operations committee last April but the chair of the committee *snubbed* them.  Unbelievable.

I am reading (or skimming) Foley's paper now and will probably send him an email.  His email address appears to be foley.33 at osu.edu .  I would hope that folks here better than me might pipe in.  It appears that Foley is unaware of Burlington 2009 and of Minneapolis 2021 (which had a cycle).  And since Maskin was certainly aware of Burlington 2009 (because of my conversations with him), I am surprized that there is all this talk in the paper of Alaska 2022 but none of Burlington 2009.


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