[EM] Possible Condorcet-composite method DMTBR disproof

Kristofer Munsterhjelm km_elmet at t-online.de
Thu Mar 24 16:03:09 PDT 2022

I may have a disproof showing that if X is DMTBR, then Condorcet//X and
Smith,X are not necessarily so. But this is a pretty strong claim, so
I'd like to check with the list first.

For the (somewhat inelegant) election:

14: L>C>R>X>Y>Z
10: R>C>L>Y>Z>X
 7: C>L>R>X>Z>Y
15: Y>Z>X>L>C>R
15: Z>C>R>L>Y>X
 7: Z>X>C>R>L>Y
22: Y>X>R>C>L>Z

can anyone check if:
	- the innermost DMT set is {L, C, R},
	- the IRV winner is L,
	- the Condorcet winner is C,
	- and if the bloc of 14 voters votes L>X>C>R>Y>Z instead, then the
Smith set contains every candidate?


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