[EM] Experimenting with group chat technology

Rob Lanphier roblan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 22:02:43 PDT 2021

Hi folks,

As I'm guessing many of you know, the Center for Election Science runs
a Discord server with a "#voting-theory" channel.  The last time I
checked, it was possible to join the server via this link:


As some of you possibly know, there was also a server for the
/r/EndFPTP subreddit, called "EndFPTP":


I've long been an free software/open source nerd (free and open
software is often abbreviated "FOSS").  I'm typing this on my laptop
that I purchased with Linux pre-installed.  I've been devoted to the
FOSS movement for many years.

It's with that long, rambly introduction that intended as an
invitation to the Electorama chat space on the Matrix/Element chat


As of this writing (in September 2021) it is harder to use than Slack
or Discord.  However, the main folks behind it just received $30
million in investment:


There's reason to be optimistic that it'll get easier to use.  That
money has to go somewhere, and I doubt they're going to spend too much
on launch parties.  :-)  The pandemic is still going a bit too strong
for that, given all of the unvaccinated people that are still out

The app for connecting to the Matrix/Element chat system is available
in the Google Play store:

They also have an app in the Apple Store that I haven't tried:

...and they also have apps to download from their website:

I doubt that Element will take the world by storm in the next few
months, but give it time.  Also, if you're looking for chat room that
ONLY has people who are good at installing niche software on their
computers, THIS IS YOUR PLACE!!!!   :-D


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