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Richard Lung voting at ukscientists.com
Sun Nov 14 09:23:12 PST 2021

*To All, *

As John Stuart Mill said, in Representative Government, majority rule is 
not democracy but maiorocracy. Maiorocracy is minimal democracy. It is 
single majority rule, of over half the votes. It’s logical extension, in 
the Droop quota, is multi-majority rule. Proportional representation is 
the generalisation of single majority rule.

That is, if as much attention is paid to the representation part of PR. 
That requires a preference vote, of personal order of choice, or ranked 

To talk about Hare ranked choice vote or Hare IRV is inaccurate and 
misleading. The Hare system is immutably the proportional count of an 
ordinal vote, in large constituencies.

The HG Wells formula, which followed Hare and Mill, is proportional 
representation with the single transferable vote in a large constituencies.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Lung.

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