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On 7/29/21 3:32 AM, Susan Simmons wrote:
> ¿Am I correct in understanding that in this agenda contexto Min Pairwise
> Support would satisfy strong mono-raise, along with Range in general,
> Above MidRange Approval, and Chiastic Approval?.. (my favorite agenda
> setters)

Preliminary result: every monotone rating system where the score (some
element of a total ordering) of a candidate is a function of only that
candidate's ratings, and the social ordering is in order of candidate
score, passes strong mono-raise as long as an uprating of the winner
isn't accompanied by a downrating of someone else.

This includes, I think, Range, MJ, and Approval. I haven't checked
Chiastic Approval.

This class of rating methods is also the one for which Approval strategy
is an optimum under perfect information. They also all pass a
restrictive form of IIA (IIA when the scale is independent of the
candidates' presence). Maybe we should find a name for the whole class.

I haven't checked min pairwise support either; I'll look into it.

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