[EM] Improved Instant Pairwise Elimination

robert bristow-johnson rbj at audioimagination.com
Mon Jul 12 10:34:12 PDT 2021

> On 07/12/2021 1:21 PM VoteFair <electionmethods at votefair.org> wrote:
> On rare occasions this method can fail to elect the Condorcet winner. 
> Under current conditions this is an advantage. That's because the 
> FairVote organization has convinced large numbers of voters that 
> Condorcet methods are bad.

I don't think that's precisely true.  I think FairVote's position is:

a) that Hare RCV is exactly perfect and that it is the only method to tally ranked ballots.  Don't question that.

b) that Condorcet does not exist, so why worry about it?


1.  Hare RCV "guarantees a majority winner".

2.  Hare RCV "eliminates the spoiler effect".

3.  Hare RCV allows voters to "Vote their hopes rather than their fears."

Don't you ever forget or question that.

Evidence from Vermont notwithstanding.


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