[EM] STAR Voting Variations

Kristofer Munsterhjelm km_elmet at t-online.de
Sun Jul 11 15:58:48 PDT 2021

On 7/11/21 2:55 AM, Susan Simmons wrote:
> STAR is a great gateway method because there are so many different 
> directions to tweak/elaborate/improve/generalize it to transform it into 
> other simple methods based on similar ideas.
> For example, Majority Judgement Top Two Runoff, that uses the exact same 
> score ballots, voted exactly the same.
>   While STAR pits against each other the two candidates with the 
> greatest average ("mean") scores, MJTTR compairs the two with the 
> greatest median scores.
> Why median instead of mean? Because use of the median gives less 
> strategic incentive for voting closer to the extremes, and the 
> un-exagerated ratings of MJ voters makes the pairwise comparisons more 
> accurate due to fewer strategy induced tied ballot ratings.
> Majority Judgement is a score based version of Bucklin that has an 
> ingenious way of breaking the median ties that are extremely likely, as 
> anyone used to dealing with medians will understand.

What's your opinion on recent variations like usual judgement and 
typical judgement?

> That said, there is another metric called "chiastic approval" that is a 
> very nice compromise between mean and median ballot ratings ... which we 
> will come back to in the future, after considering more of the low 
> hanging fruit in another direction ... (to be continued)

I remember one of Heitzig's consensus methods use chiastic approval. Do 
you know if the circumstances of the method means that only chiastic 
approval will work as a component, or was it chosen for some other reason?


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