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> So far I think your "group" description is conceptually simplest. Of
> course there are many possible synonyms for words like group, head, merge,
> etc.
> Keep trying ... I'm not saying improved terminolgy is the only possible
> avenue of improvement!

At first I avoided the "group" description because I struggled to convert
it into legalese. But I think I came up with something workable:

(3) If no candidate receives a majority of first preferences, the presiding
officer shall re-tabulate the ballots according to the following rules:
(3a) The “loss margin” of candidate “A” against candidate “B” is the
difference between the number of ballots that rank “B” above “A” and the
number that rank “A” above “B”.
(3b) Each candidate begins as a Continuing candidate and the sole member of
a group. Groups are merged in rounds. In each round, the Continuing
candidate “A” with the greatest loss margin against any candidate “B”
outside “A”’s group is moved to “B”’s group along with every member of
“A”’s group. Candidate “A” is no longer Continuing. The rounds continue
until only one group remains; its sole Continuing candidate is elected.

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