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Did anybody recognize Teams as a reformulation of River?

It shows that it is not necessary to explicify the implicit tree structure induced by the successive engulfing of one team by another.

Does this simplified formulation increase River's chances of public adoption?

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Overview... the count is based on the pairwise support matrix.

At any stage of the election each candidate belongs to a team, and one member of each team is its captain.

To start with there are many teams... because initially each team has only one member .. its captain.

As the "count" progresses some teams are absorbed (one at a time) by others until in the end there is only one big team which has gobbled up all of the others.

When one team absorbs another the team captain of the absorbing team is retained as captain of the new, merged team, while the captain of the absorbed team becomes an ordinary member of the merger without any special distinction.

The captain of the final merger is elected.

So at any given stage, how do we determine which team gets absorbed by which other team?

The strongest pairwise victory of a member (possibly captain) of one team over the captain of another determines the answer to this question.

The team of the defeated captain is absorbed by the team of the victorious member.

This method is equivalent to a fairly well known method by another name. Anybody recognize it?

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