[EM] Improved Instant Pairwise Elimination

Susan Simmons suzerainsimmons at outlook.com
Thu Jul 8 12:18:53 PDT 2021

At each elimination step IPE eliminates the Condorcet Loser if there is one, otherwise it eliminates the loser of the pairwise contest with the most winning votes.

We propose eliminating (at each elimination step among those not eliminated previously) the Condorcet Loser if there is one, else the pairwise loser between (1) the candidate whose maximum support for any of its pairwise wins is minimal, and (2) the loser from the pairwise contest with the fewest losing votes (i.e. the Gross Loser).

In other words eliminate the CL when there is one, otherwise eliminate whichever is less preferred... the GL or the closest thing to a CL.

Is this better than BRGL which simply eliminates the GL at each step?

Yes and no. On the one hand it is more aggressive and thorough about getting rid of the least desireable remaining candidate as soon as possible. On the other hand it is probably a harder sell to a public lacking patience in these matters ... who tend to assume that the order of elimination of "losers" doesn't make much difference, if any.

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