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Susan Simmons suzerainsimmons at outlook.com
Tue Jul 6 11:59:23 PDT 2021

While there remains more than one uneliminated candidate eliminate the remaining one that is weakest relative to the other remaining candidates.

If "weakest" means least top support (relative to the other remaining candidates) then we have IRV.

But if we interpret "weakest" to mean the candidate with the fewest votes in any head-to-head contest (among the remaining candidates) then we have a Condorcet Compliant method.

In fact, the weakest candidate in this sense is a pairwise loser to its opponent in its worst head-to-head contest ... which could not happen to a Condorcet Candidate.

Operationally, this method is much simpler than IRV:

While the pairwise win matrix has more than one remaining entry, wipe out the row and column of the candidate whose row has the smallest remaining entry.

Under this simple method, would NYC still be bogged down in counting?

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