[EM] Happy birthday, EM-list!!!!

Rob Lanphier roblan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 21:32:02 PST 2021

Hi folks,

Happy 25th birthday to the election methods mailing list (i.e. the EM-list)!

Not only is the EM-list old enough to buy cigarettes at the local
convenience store, but it's old enough to buy beer, wine, and hard
liquor.  It's also old enough to rent cars in the United States or
trucks down at U-Haul without too much of a hassle.  :-D

I'm in the process of restoring links to the archive on the "EM25"
wiki page on electowiki.  I've got the month of February 1996
more-or-less done.  It _shouldn't_ be too hard for me to write a
script to create a script for the other pages, but that reminds me of
the "Programmer's Credo" posted to twitter.com/pinboard many years
ago: ("we do these things not because they are easy, but because we
thought they were going to be easy")[1]

[1]: https://twitter.com/pinboard/status/761656824202276864

You'll note that my first message to this mailing list was February
15.  Specifically, it was "Thu Feb 15 21:34:05 PST 1996", which is 5
seconds after 9:34pm on February 15, 1996.  "PST" means "Pacific
Standard Time", which is my current timezone as well as my timezone
when I launched EM-list.

I'm going to TRY to send this email as close as possible to 9:34:05pm.
We'll see how close to that time I'm able to send this email.

I'm planning to keep making changes to the EM25 page over on
electowiki.  Please join me!

Rob Lanphier
Admin and found of EM-list (election-methods mailing list, that is)
( robla at robla.net / roblan at gmail.com / etc )
... etc....

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