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I do not understand why you would use any quota when counting votes in an IRV election (= Single-winner STV; aka Alternative Vote).

In an IRV election, the winner is the candidate who, at any stage of the count, has as many or more votes that all the remaining (‘continuing’) candidates combined.

You will find that regulation at 3b in the attached Regulations downloaded from the ERS website in 2014.  (These Regulations are an updated version of the AV Regulations I wrote for the ERS in 1978 with Major Frank Britton.)

James Gilmour
Edinburgh, Scotland

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IRV (single-winner STV) uses a Droop quota, not a Hare quota. In a single-winner election, a Droop quota [1/(S+1)] is a majority. A Hare quota [1/S] would mean that complete unanimity is required for any candidate to get elected.

--Bob Richard

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