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Tue Apr 20 17:12:35 PDT 2021

On 4/20/2021 11:55 AM, Jan Šimbera wrote:
 > Dear Richard,
 > this is a very accessible explanation of PR principles!
 > I only have a small point about open list PR methods that are common
 > here in Europe - they most frequently allow preferential voting for more
 > than one candidate (Czech elections use two or four), amplifying the
 > influence of the voters a good deal.
 > Wish you good luck in making U.S. elections more proportional :-)
 > All the best,
 > Jan

Jan, thank you!

Clearly I misunderstand how open list PR usually works.

Yet I'm still confused.  Wikipedia doesn't seem to clarify what 
"preference vote" means.

Specifically, this article ...


... refers to "preference vote" but does not have a link.  It does link 
to ...


... and that article has a link named "preference vote" but the link 
goes back to the "open list" article.  (Sigh)

When I search for "preference vote" Wikipedia sends me to this article ...


... which lists multiple articles that relate to this term, none of 
which seem to clarify what it means in open-list PR.

Can someone here can remedy this issue on Wikipedia and then point me to 
the fixed article?

I think this approach would be more efficient than writing an 
explanation just for this election-methods list.

If not, a brief clarification here will be helpful.


Richard Fobes

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