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All Condorcet compliant methods yield identical YEE diagrams, because the
candidate closest to the center of symmetry of the (multivariate Gaussian)
voter distrbution is always a Pairwise Winner.

So BTR-IRV, Smith//IRV, Kemeny Young, Ranked Pairs, Dodgson, Copeland,
MinMax, etc. all have identical ideal diagrams with convex win regions...
unlike plain IRV whose win regions may be fragmented, and even when
connected, non-convex and riddled with holes.

So a dramatic visual demonstration of IRV's chaotic deviation from
Condorcet when candidates are randomly distributed among regularly
distributed voters is to show their YEE pictures side by side.

So claims that IRV will usually pick the Condorcet Candidate are actually
not true according to these YEE diagrams. How do we explain reported high
levels of Condorcet Compliance in practice?

Unlike the absolutely sincere YEE voter V who ranks candidate X over Y when
X is closer to V than Y in issue space, the flesh and blood voter pays
attention to horse race polls and bends accordingly ... making pragmatic
adjustments to their conscience.

Continuing Rob's airplane analogy,  without the body English and arm
flapping of the passengers, the 299 out of 300 success rate would be

The link below leads to some examples on Warren Smith's website. Note the
win regions for IRV are rarely connected, let alone convex. So as
candidates move along straight lines from one point of their win regions to
another, their fortunes change erratically ... in total contrast to the
Condorcet method pictures ... and most other well known reputable methods.

 it is important to know that Yee did not design his "electoscope" with the
intent to make IRV look worse then any other method ...  it just turned out
that way!

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