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Richard Lung voting at ukscientists.com
Sat Apr 17 06:40:21 PDT 2021

To EM members, 
From Richard Lung -- apologies my ipad doesn't like EM formats, some of them, and keeps saying this message has no content -- not meant to be a satirical comment. -- it could be argued they have too much!

I edited writings of "John Stuart Mill: Proportional Representation is Personal Representation" especially on Mr Hare's system, as he called it, when an MP in Parliament. It is the antithesis of what is being dubbed, here, or wherever, as "Hare STV."
My claim was that System Of Logic was like a work of antiquity, such is the tremendous progress of natural science. While, Representative Government is still ahead of its time. And this has much to do with Thomas Hare, independent inventor of the Andrae system, as it is called in Scandinavian countries -- but rarely used there. An exception was the Iceland Citizens Convention. And they called in a Scotsman, (Dr James Gilmour) for the STV count. 
The great pioneer reformers, Clarence Hoag and George Hallett promoted At-large STV/PR -- the real "Hare STV" -- in many American cities. Cambridge, home of MIT, was the only city, where the science, in political science, out-weighed the political. 

Richard Lung.

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