[EM] Fwd: Expert report reveals weaknesses of RCV | The Maine Wire

Greg Dennis greg.dennis at voterchoicema.org
Tue Nov 17 08:03:40 PST 2020

The Maine Wire? That's an outlet of an outlet highly partisan, right-wing
think tank that believes RCV is bad for conservatives. I don't think you'll
find good faith arguments there.

It talks about the number of voters that did not "fully participate" under
RCV, which is defined as "ranking at least all but one candidate." So by
this definition, a Maine voter that ranked Biden first and then no one else
would have not "fully participated," even though there was no question that
their ballot would make it to the final round? That's not a useful measure.

I think a relevant measure is what fraction of voters ultimately expressed
a preference between the two frontrunners. and RCV (regardless of what you
think of it in relation to other methods), was a clear improvement in that

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