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 Approval voting can also just be seen as scores out of 1. So unless score voting is automatically tactical, then approval isn't either.
And for more than a handful of candidates, rating becomes easier than ranking, even if your method then converts the scores to ranks (as long as ties are permitted). It would be really awkward to be ranking a load of candidates only to find you'd missed one out of the order.
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> Approval is one of the easiest election methods to explain and to understand; the ballots are identical to traditional FPP ballots except the instructions now say to mark the names of all of the candidates that you like instead of only one of them. As before the winner is the candidate with the greatest number of likes.
> But what about the candidates that you just like a little bit? Do you include them or not? Where do you draw the line between like and not like?

i've been trying for a couple years to get the Election Science people to answer that simple question.  should a voter approve of their second choice or not?  there is no simple answer and the voter is burdened with the task of tactical voting.

Approve your favorite. Disapprove your least-favorite.
Now imagine if the decision were between just those two, and it was being decided with a coin flip.
For each of the others, would you rather have them win or take the chance on the coin flip between your most-favored candidate and your least-favored candidate?
If you would prefer that candidate to the coin flip, then approve them. If you'd rather take your chances with the coin flip, then disapprove them.
~ Andy Jennings
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