[EM] Sequential (proportional) approval voting and VRA considerations

Jack Santucci jms346 at georgetown.edu
Fri Jan 17 09:38:25 PST 2020


This seems like a good venue to raise the following concern.

In working through SPAV (
https://twitter.com/jacksantucci/status/1217959180834951175?s=20), I have
arrived at the following conclusion.

It literally and mechanically dilutes the voting strength of a cohesive
minority, if some of that minority "approves" of a winning candidate in the
majority. The key term there is "vote dilution."

And do not mistake me for a preference voting shill. As you'll see in the
tweet, STV has properties that feel similar. But they are not the same as
what I see in SPAV. Unless I am seeing things that don't exist.

I suspect that the response (if I am right) will be to re-engineer SPAV, in
order to rescue the broader concept of "approval voting." Have at it if you
want. But the implications for minorities in polarized settings (see
http://mattbarreto.com/papers/polarized_voting_wa.pdf) have to be priority

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