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Nathaniel Allen npwning at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 19:30:54 PST 2020

Hey all,

Rob asked me to send out this method I've created to see what everyone
thinks. I call it 'ART' for Approval, Runoff Tally (in the name of a good
acronym). The method works as follows: Voters rank each candidate 'Good',
'Acceptable', or 'Bad' (like 321). To find the winner you simply add up the
'Acceptable' and 'Good' scores for each candidate and the top two advance,
ensuring whoever wins is amongst the most favorable. Then the winner is
selected based on a head-to-head automatic runoff, higher score on more
ballots wins. The condorcet winner wins every time in this method except
when they are not among the most approved. This is the biggest question I
have however, I think that the weight of Approval in this method is
stronger than condorcet winning (especially in a method where head-to-head
tie scores are possible). The condorcet loser never wins.

Please see this sheet
run simulations for a 3 person, single-winner election. Further details and
notes on the method are included in the sheet. Instructions for the sheet
are simple: Hit delete or backspace on the green box to run a new
simulation. If you accidentally change something else please let me know or
just revert back to the previous version.

Thanks for taking the time to read over this and check out the method.


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