[EM] BrExit and Electoral Mathematics.

⸘Ŭalabio‽ Walabio at MacOSX.Com
Sun Oct 27 03:39:56 PDT 2019

		The United Kingdom will soon idiotically leave the European Union because of misapplication of Democracy:

	The thing is that BrExit did not truly pass:

	For reversible things, a simple majority (50% plus 1 vote) is fine, but for irreversible things, one should require ⅔ plus 1 vote to make certain that one does not jump over a cliff from people in the mushy middle saying "Meh, I guess that I shall vote yes, although I am just as inclined to vote no.”

	On another note, the people calling for the vote had no plan for leaving the EU.  That is like deciding to jump out of a plane in midflight and then, while falling, trying to decide what to do:

Jumper A:
>	"I guess that we should have taken parachutes with us.”

Jumper B:
>	"Hind sight is 2020. ¿How could we have anticipated that jumping out of a plane at over a myriad (a myriad is 10,000) meters high would be a bad idea?”

	Since BrExit passed by far less than ⅔ plus 1 vote, you should throw it out.  If the supporters of BrExit want to try again, tell to them that, if they have a complete detailed plan for BrExit, and they have to present the plan to the general public.  They can have another vote, but they will need to get ⅔ plus 1 vote to pass.

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