[EM] Discounting ties, how can MinMax differ from Ranked Pairs? ooops!

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> They can't when there are three candidates.
You mean 3 candidates in the Smith set, right?  There might be 4 or more candidates, but if the cycle only involves three (like Rock-Paper-Scissors), I think that MinMax, RP, and Schulze all elect the same candidate, no?
So here's
another issue:

While I think that ties of votes will be rare (but i was once at a Dem caucus for mayor in Burlington in 2012 where the caucus was tied with ca. 830 voters), i wonder if Margins might be tied more often.
If we're doing RP or MinMax using Margins, how might we order it if the Margins are tied
between two pairwise races?  I can kinda conceive how it would make a difference in a weird case.  Which is better?  A higher Winning Votes or a lower Losing Votes?  With a fixed Margin, a lower Losing Votes (which makes the total votes lower) means that the Margin corresponds to
a higher percent margin.  Maybe that's better than Winning Votes.  What do you guys think?

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