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I think some people take an approval for a candidate as a "vote", which a voter should only have one of, but this does seem superficial. There's no reason why "one person one vote" should mean "name one candidate then shut up", or if you do want to interpret it like that, then it's not a principle you should want to hold onto. In any case, would those that consider approval voting a violation of "one person one vote" consider score voting to be a similar violation? In score voting, you're not casting votes for candidates as such, rather just giving them a score out of a set number. However, approval voting is just the most basic form of score voting with scores out of 1. Viewed like that, it seems less like a violation.

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>     about approval voting:? ?IRV voters obviously get only one vote each,? I suppose we will find it how the court treats approval.

    "1 Person, 1 vote” means equal voting strength.  Approval gives each voter 1 vote per candidate.  That is fine.  What would be illegal would be giving some people more voting power, such as giving reach people up to a zillion votes per candidate.
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