[EM] Fargo North Approves Approval Voting.

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Sennet, the principle of "one-person, one vote" is not about how many candidates a voter can vote for.  certainly there are cases when voters in the U.S. can mark their ballots supporting more than one candidate.  and i don't mean in different
practically any multi-winner election involves inviting the voter to mark their ballots for multiple candidates up to a limit.  usually that limit is the number of open seats, but there is no reason it has to be.
One-person, one-vote means two or three things:
1. Each
voter gets the same voting power.  The rules applied to eligible voters are the same for each eligible voter in the same jurisdiction.
2. Each voters representation in any government is virtually the same for everyone.
3. No voter may vote on the same election day in more than one
jurisdiction.  I have a condo in Waltham MA and a home in Burlington VT.  I can choose which will be my "permanent address" and vote there.  But I may not vote in both places on the same election day.
Opponents to IRV in Burlington Vermont were trying to use the same
trope against IRV (or any RCV) saying that, by marking our ballots multiple times for different candidates running for the same office was violating one-person one-vote.  That argument didn't go very far in the courts, but it has, like other political speech, been effective with the electorate
in some occasions.
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Approval voting is almost certainly unconstitutional.  One-person, one vote is the U.S. law. 

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