[EM] smith/schwartz/landau

Curt accounts at museworld.com
Tue Mar 6 19:48:12 PST 2018

Hi, as a side project I’m writing a scala script that determines the smith set and schwartz set from ranked ballots. (I’m not currently interested in implementing any tiebreakers/completion algorithms. Just condorcet winner, smith set, schwartz set.)

I’m uncertain about my implementations for smith and schwartz. I followed some pseudocode algorithms I found online but I’m not sure they’re quite right. The schwartz algorithm I found looks more like how landau is described. Part of my challenge is also that I’m trying to do them functional-style without mutable variables like loops and counters.

Could someone post an example of a simple collection of ballots where the smith set, schwartz set, and landau sets are all different?

Also if we have a collection of ballot example somewhere that show odd examples of condorcet winner, smith set, schwartz set, etc, and what the count should yield, I’d love to collect them because they’d make a good test suite.


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