[EM] [meta] We should call Instant-Runoff Voting IRV (IRV) Instant-Runoff Voting (IRV) [/meta]

⸘Ŭalabio‽ Walabio at MacOSX.Com
Sat Jun 9 05:38:46 PDT 2018


	As we all know, IRV is a false reform used for preventing real reform (all of the votes transfer to the candidates of the 2 dominant parties).  Those pushing IRV call it Ranked-Choice Voting (RVC) as a way of poisoning the well of future reform:

	“I propose that we try Condorset.  Condorset uses a Ranked-Choice Ballot (RCB).”

	“We tried Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV).  ¡It does not work!”

	We need to use the precise proper terms, or else, the opposition wins because we used their deliberately ambiguous language which, by design, does not distinguish between voting methods using a Ranked-Choice Ballot RCB).



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