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IRV-recent discussions

General Questions from Steve:

TO: All

I wish to thank all those contributing to the various discussions prompted by Sennet’s news about RCV (IRV).  However, I would also very much appreciate it if each contributor would help me test my claim that only EPR wastes no votes in the sense defined as follows by the 2nd paragraph in my EPR article:

We see a citizen’s one vote as being wasted quantitatively to the degree that it fails proportionately to add to the voting power of the councilmember whom she has helped to elect.  A citizen’s vote is wasted qualitatively when it fails to increase the voting power of the member she sees as most fit for the office, e.g. the one she trusts most to speak, work, and vote in the council as she would do herself if she had the time, energy, skills and opportunity to do so.8  Her vote is ‘partly wasted’ qualitatively when her vote is instead given to a member who is less valued by her.

  1.  Please explain how the voting method you currently most favor does or does not waste votes as defined above.

  2.  Also, do you agree with Balinski & and Laraki’s argument that grading candidates is more meaningful, informative, and discerning than ranking them (or by marking them in any other way)?  Personally, I see this claim as valid given the observation that rankings can be deduced from evaluations (e.g. EXCELLENT, VERY GOOD, etc.) but evaluations (grades) cannot be deduced from rankings.

What do you think?  I look forward to your feedback.


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