[EM] Quota rule (also new user asking about Wiki situation and such)

Juhani.Heino at sanasepot.fi Juhani.Heino at sanasepot.fi
Sun Apr 8 04:33:31 PDT 2018

If you want, I can introduce myself and my reasons to be here. But now 
to the point.

You surely know the quota rule in PR voting: if a party gets 
theoretically 7.362 seats, then it should actually get 7 or 8 seats, 
nothing else.

If we stick to this rule, it brings about a binary choice: either lower 
or upper value. In the extremely rare case that a party really gets an 
integer amount of seats, it of course gets exactly that.

This choice makes lots of things easier. I already introduced one 
concept at

The idea is roughly that you convert your chosen method (that usually 
means a divisor one) into pseudo-Hamilton method. I'm aware that this 
retains some of the paradoxes, because it's unavoidable. But at least we 
have curbed the quota violations, and in most cases the problems with 
Hamilton for free. Meaning that if there were no quota violations in the 
pure method in this election, then we have in effect used the pure 


The second idea is a benchmark for PR voting systems. If you happened to 
have some party with the integer amount of seats, then the problem could 
be reduced: you take away the party and its seats, and recalculate. I 
call this system requota: it takes away the party closest to an integer 
and iterates that until all the seats are determined. This is not meant 
to be an actual voting method. For example, if there were two parties 
close to half a seat, then the bigger of them would get the seat. 
Theoretically that makes sense, but fairness demands that either they 
are both included or both excluded.

However, the same general idea can be used as a metavoting: choose three 
methods, for example Jefferson, Webster and Hamilton. Determine the 
seats with all of them. If they all agree on some parties, those party 
seats are considered canon and removed from the next round. This is 
iterated until either all the seats were removed or all of the rest are 
in dispute. In case of dispute, we take the majority choice (two methods 


The requota system would need more explaining. Is Electowiki still in 
regular use, and do you think I should get an account and add this stuff 

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