[EM] Academic paradox of election methods.

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Sun Sep 24 01:45:41 PDT 2017

The academic paradox of election methods.

The widespread assertion that there is no such thing as right and wrong, 
in election methods, is a paradox. If this statement were right, it 
would contradict itself, and is therefore wrong. If this statement were 
wrong, it would still contradict itself, and therefore be right: in 
other words, it is right to say this assertion is wrong.

Over half a century of academic apology, for the world anarchy of 
election methods, is a paradox.

This academic paradox complements the political paradox of electing an 
election system by referendum.

Without knowing the right election method for electing an election, 
there is no way of knowing how to elect it. If you do know, the election 
of an election is superfluous. This supports HG Wells awareness that 
voting method is not a matter of opinion but of demonstration.

A combination of the two paradoxes was previously stated as follows:

If there is no true election method, then no election method can truly 
choose an election method.
If there is a true election method, then, the truth being one, there is 
no choice of true election methods.

Richard Lung.
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