[EM] VoteFair Negotiation Tool now available as open-source software

VoteFair electionmethods at votefair.org
Tue Mar 21 11:48:02 PDT 2017

The software that runs the www.NegotiationTool.com website is now 
open-source available on GitHub at:


To see how this negotiation tool works, see the website at:


Why am I doing this?  I've realized that the current progress from 
single-mark ballots to 1-2-3 ballots and pairwise counting is so 
extremely -- glacially -- slow that I figure I'll be dead before any 
legislature, or parliament, or other decision-making organization 
becomes interested in adopting a decision-making process that:

* Allows a parliament to operate without forming a ruling coalition (as 
conveyed by one of the demos).
* Produces extremely fair decisions.
* Requires participants to think in new, non-obstructionistic, ways.
* Automates some of the work that professional negotiators and 
arbitrators do.
* Reduces lawsuits (and therefore takes work away from lawyers/solicitors).
* Requires calculations that are far more complex than the ones used to 
elect representatives.

For convenience, the beginning of the README file appears below.

The subroutine named "sub_sort_proposals_overall.pl" contains the core 
calculation code.

Questions?  Please ask.

Richard Fobes
Author of "Ending The Hidden Unfairness In U.S. Elections"

-----  Beginning of README file  -----

This software negotiation tool can be used to negotiate fair outcomes 
for real-life situations such as:

     * insurance settlements
     * buyer-seller bargaining
     * terms of employment
     * contractor-homeowner disputes
     * consultant-client contracts
     * investment contracts
     * divorce settlements
     * marriage counseling agreements
     * inheritance distributions
     * landlord-tenant contracts

Notice that it handles both friendly and hostile situations.

It's designed to handle dozens of participants, yet it also can 
accommodate just two people.

Using this negotiation tool primarily consists of adding proposals and 
ranking those proposals.  Whenever you request seeing the latest 
suggested resolution, the latest results are immediately calculated.

The calculation method is based on VoteFair ranking, which is a voting 
method explained at VoteFair.org and in the book "Ending The Hidden 
Unfairness In U.S. Elections."

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