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Sennet Williams sennetwilliams at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 6 21:35:32 PDT 2017

The reason I brought up the question of IRV v RCV is because Kathy was ridiculing me for claiming that they were the same.  I had not read fairvote's website recently and did not know that it had started using RCV to refer to all ranked voting systems.   But, in fact, it was originally coined as a better term for the IRV vote-counting system at an SF election commission meeting more than a decade ago, I was there in person.  There is probably not a website or anything else online about that event.  In any case, it's not important to me.  For now I am focused on "the Maine system":  Single winner ranked voting for primaries allowing voters to rank as many candidates as we wish, and single winner general ranked voting general elections.

btw, regarding Fairvote.  It is a NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION.  Their main priority is getting donations, which primarily come from supporters of "3rd parties" who fantasize that America will someday allow PR/choice voting. It is just a matter of survival for that organization.   It is virtually impossible to raise donations from single-choice STV supporters, but the PR supporters pay the costs of running the organization.   

Andrew:> Is there any evidence for this claim that RCV was used with any> frequency to mean the same thing as IRV? I have only heard them used as>  synonyms (by IRV supporters) in the past few years. If this is true,>  there must be plenty of old links in the wayback machine that Sennet can>  point us all to. When I look at the FairVote web site from 2009, it>  talks about ranked choice voting *methods*; prior to that, IRV seems to>  be the name used exclusively.
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